Why Ampegy?

More Markets. More Opportunity.

We are opening operations by selling deregulated electricity and natural gas services in 7 states.

Experienced Industry Leaders.

We have the most experienced team of leaders in the industry with a proven record of success that you can count on.

The Ampegy Family.

We take an active interest in helping our Ampegy family find success – in short, we care about people.

Ampegy provides Independent Representatives the potential to earn multiple revenue streams by maximizing opportunities within the deregulated energy industry. Ampegy is an affiliate of Spark Energy and enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with arguably one of the fastest growing energy providers in America.

To put it simply, Ampegy is your avenue to personal, professional, and financial fulfillment. This company truly is in a league of its own when it comes to providing incredible opportunities for you and your family. We hope you decide to take advantage of the most lucrative opportunity of your life and join the Ampegy team today!

Ampegy Launches Customer Enrollment and Management App


App features include real-time data updates, quick-view data summaries and full personal customer listings


Houston – April 26, 2011 – Ampegy announce the launch of its Ampegy Mobile App which enables registered Ampegy representatives to build their business at anytime, from anywhere using their iPhone or iPad. The network marketing company plans to launch the same app for Android and Blackberry in the coming months.


The App allows qualified representatives to manage their Ampegy business, sponsor representatives and enroll customers from their iPad or iPhone. After subscribing through AmpZone for $4.99 a month, Ampegy representatives can download the App for free from the Apple Store.


“The launch of our new App will be a game-changer in how network marketing companies like Ampegy acquire and deal with customers” said, Todd Thoman, President at Ampegy. “With features like real-time data updates and readily-available charts, graphs and videos, representatives will have the freedom to do business whenever the opportunity comes up with accurate, up-to-date information.”


Ampegy Mobile App Features:

• REAL TIME data updates

• Quick snapshot summary of activity

• Detailed downline and personal representative reports

• Personal customer listing

• Charts and graphs

• View and show videos

• Enroll Customers and Sponsor Representatives right on the spot

• Collect credit card and billing information immediately


Learn more at https://ampegymobile.dataparadigm.com/.


About Ampegy

Ampegy, a network marketing company, is leveraging the power of deregulation of America’s Energy Industry through Spark Energy. The deregulated residential energy market is a $60 billion industry and growing. As more and more markets become available, the opportunity exists for Independent Representatives to build their own lucrative business in the direct selling market. Ampegy currently offers service through Spark Energy in seven states. To learn more, visit www.Ampegy.com.


About Spark Energy

Houston-based Spark Energy, LP is an independent multi-state certified retail energy and natural gas supplier. With more than a decade of experience, the company works to consistently deliver low-cost energy rates, quality products and superior customer service to its customers. Spark Energy is dedicated to positively impacting the communities it serves by building relationships, inspiring philanthropy and promoting good will both inside the company and throughout the community. For more information, visit the company's website at www.SparkEnergy.com.


Cheri Davies

Director, Interactive Marketing & Communications

(832) 485-6320


Ampegy’s Independent representatives:

Welcome to Ampegy. As an Independent Representative, you have the potential to earn multiple revenue streams by maximizing opportunities within the deregulated energy industry. Ampegy is an affiliate of Spark Energy and, as such, enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with one of the fastest growing energy providers in America. Through the Enrollment of Energy Customers to Spark Energy, and by the building of an organization of other Independent Representatives, who do the same, Ampegy Independent Representatives have the opportunity to earn Bonuses and Commissions, as further described herein; all is based on the acquisition of Energy Customer’s.

Ampegy Independent Representative Benefits

I.    Commissions & Bonuses

 As an Ampegy Independent Representative, you will have the ability to benefit from our Marketing and Compensation Plan, which gives you the potential to create immediate income, as well as long‐term residual Commissions from the Energy Customers that you and your Organization of Independent Representatives have Enrolled as Customers with Spark Energy.

II.    Ampegy Business Building Kit

 Each new Ampegy IR receives a Business Building Kit. This professional binder includes an array of marketing materials (to help you in Enrolling Energy Customers and Sponsoring Independent Representatives (if applicable) and our Ampegy Success Guide. This Guide is a comprehensive document providing each new Independent Representative with an overview of the Company, a description of our Products and Services and a step‐by‐step plan to build a profitable business. Structuring a plan that new Independent Representatives can easily follow and execute is a key element in generating a fast return and achieving fast promotions to higher earnings levels. Included are tips and suggested strategies from successful Independent Representatives that provide specific, thought‐provoking examples of how to get started quickly and to set in place the foundation upon which to develop a successful team of Customer gatherers, who will repeat the cycle and, in doing so, help you to build your organization.


III.    AmpZone Back Office

 As an Ampegy IR, you are provided a software license for exclusive access to AmpZone. This dynamic on‐line interface allows you to monitor every aspect of your Ampegy business. A Qualified IR will have unlimited access to the following components, not all of which are available to Field IRs:

• Amped Up Training Suite

• Independent Representative organization genealogy reports in multiple formats that allow you to review your Organization's population and productivity

• Commission reports that will enable you to have detailed income breakdowns from all of your Organization's productive components

• Monitoring tools to graphically depict your past and current productivity results

• Reporting features for your personal and down line Energy Customers

• Communication preference management (emails, schedules, etc.)

• Access to all Ampegy and Spark Energy marketing and sales tools ‐online ad banners, videos, presentations and more

• The ability to manage your direct deposit information and your forecasted earned Commissions and Bonuses

• Access to important forms and documents; stay up to date with corporate news, announcements and much more

The Ampegy AmpZone is the ultimate business development tool, which truly enables you to effectively manage your journey to financial independence.


IV.    Business Building Websites

The activities of Sponsoring Independent Representatives and Enrolling Customers are all facilitated online. To have this capability, all Ampegy IRs are provided with two personalized business building websites.

• http://YourBusinessName.ampegy.com –Your Ampegy Opportunity Site is an easy‐to‐use website designed and built to help you grow your IR Organizations. You will be able to select "Your Business Name" upon registering, which will define the web address of your new website (Field IR's access is limited to their back office). Simply send your prospective Independent Representative to your Ampegy Opportunity Site and he or she will be educated on the Ampegy opportunity.

• http://YourBusinessName.ampegyservices.com– Your Ampegy Services Site is designed specifically for the Enrollment of Energy Customers. Here they will be able to learn about the energy offerings in their geographical area and join as a Customer. All you need to do is send the people you know to this Customer focused website and it will guide them through the transfer process. It is important that they go through your website, so that you can be properly credited for the Enrollment.


V.    Ampegy Representative Success Department

Trained Representative Success Specialists are standing by for all of your business support needs. This department provides Independent Representatives with all necessary communications so that you and your team are always up to date. Our Representative Success Specialists are experts when it comes to Enrolling Customers and Sponsoring IRs; we understand what it means to be a successful entrepreneur and have the best interests of our Independent Representatives in mind, at all times. You can reach the Representative Success Department team toll free at 855‐Ampegy1 (855‐267‐3491)




There are two different options for joining the Ampegy team as an Independent Representative; as a Qualified Representative or a Field Representative:


1.    Field Representative:

 You may join Ampegy as a Field Representative by paying a onetime cost of $49.95 for an Ampegy Business Building Kit.No other Commissions or Bonuses described herein are available unless the Field Representative has been Qualified. A Field Representative may become Qualified by either self promoting to a Qualified Representative by Enrolling 30 Active Customers within 6 months of joining, or by purchasing the optional Amped up Training Suite cost of $349.95 at anytime so that all training materials and AmpZone resources may be made available.


2.    Qualified Representative:

If you're serious about building a highly successful business, you will consider purchasing the optional Amped up Training Suite for an additional onetime cost of $349.95 (for a total cost of $399.90) and becoming a Qualified Representative. This will enable you to access all of the optional, interactive training materials contained within the Amped up Training Suite. With these resources available, you will not only be qualified to Enroll Energy Customers, but also to build an Organization of other Independent Representatives who collectively create a potentially viral Customer Enrolling machine! All Commissions and Bonuses described in this Marketing and Compensation Plan are available to Qualified IRs as further described herein. Qualified IR’s are usually described as individuals who are motivated to achieve success through their own efforts and the efforts of their Organization.

In either case, it is required that all Independent Representatives pay a monthly sales and marketing support cost of $19.95 each month.


Before continuing, you must understand that there is no requirement to become a Qualified Representative beyond joining as a Field Representative by filing of the Independent Representative Agreement and purchasing the Business Building Kit, which is sold at Ampegy's cost. Your advancement to higher leadership levels in the Ampegy Marketing and Compensation Plan is based solely upon the acquisition of Customers and energy usage. You acknowledge that, except for the Business Building Kit, any purchase of sales aids, training materials or training is strictly voluntary. You also understand that if you choose to sponsor other Independent Representatives to participate in Ampegy's Marketing and Compensation Plan, you will not receive any compensation whatsoever for the act of Sponsoring, and that you will be compensated based upon the activities of other Independent Representatives only to the extent of their Enrolling of Energy Customers. You acknowledge that if you execute an Independent Representative Agreement on behalf of a business entity of any kind, you remain personally responsible for the performance of all the duties and obligations described in the Independent Representative Agreement.



To join as an Independent Representative with Ampegy, you must use the Business Name of the Independent Representative who introduced you to the Ampegy opportunity.

Upon joining Ampegy as an IR, you will create your own unique, personal Business Name, which will enable you to Enroll Energy Customers. Likewise, as a QIR, this Business Name will enable you to build your new Ampegy Organization.


Once you join, your corresponding Business Building Websites, as described above, are automatically created. The Business Building Websites are what Field IRs and Qualified IRs will use to Enroll Spark Energy Customers, and Qualified IR’s will Sponsor Ampegy Independent Representatives.

For example, when a prospective Spark Energy Customer joins through your Ampegy Services Site (http://YourBusinessName.ampegyservices.com), our system will automatically record that this new Customer has been enrolled by you. The same recording capability applies to the Sponsoring of IRs in your own Independent Representative Organization. Your websites automatically identify participants and track them for the appropriate benefits to you.



About Ampegy

Ampegy, a Network Marketing Company, is leveraging the power of deregulation of America’s Energy Industry through Spark Energy. The deregulated residential energy market is a $60 billion industry and growing. As more and more markets become available, the opportunity exists for Independent Representatives to build their own lucrative business in the direct selling market. To learn more please visit www.Ampegy.com.

Energy Business Opportunity – Ways to Make Money


If you are looking for Network Marketing Opportunity with high income then Energy Industry is the right option for you. There are means to be successful in a Network business opportunity. It begins with choosing the accurate company for the right reasons. It has to do with the individual’s approach, and determination. If you think this is an industry just for rich people, then you have to think again. There is huge income potential available in the energy industry right now. Becoming a consultant for an energy company can be very lucrative. Deregulation has allowed more players to enter the marketplace, which means more competition. It is as much about the individual as it is about the company products and services.



Electricity and Natural Gas are the two of the most basic utilities used by everyone. There are many people who would be looking forward to reduce their utility bills. As a consultant, you can refer people to energy companies and benefit from the residual income, all without actually selling anything yourself.



Energy Network Marketing Opportunity is completely different compared to others. Electricity and natural gas sell themselves. It's not a luxury item. It’s something people use every day. Not only more states are deregulating their energy industries, but other countries worldwide are following it as well. This is a good sign for consultants who want to make a substantial income referring customers to those companies.



There are five factors to make money at Home with a Network Business Opportunity.


·         Is the company really on the cutting edge of research and technology or are they talking a good line?  Where do you see the company and industry headed in the next five to ten years?   Where do you see the need in the market place in the coming years, is it going up or down? It's about timing.  It is best to find an MLM business opportunity that offers emerging products and services. 


·         You have to believe in the company, its leaders, products and services.  You have to believe in yourself and your ability to make money at home with this company. You must have a sense of purpose. Your desire, belief and purpose have to be so high. You are on a mission and you have to complete it no matter what the obstacles. 


·         As an Independent Representative you are a distributor of their products and services.  Your job is to do two things; gather customers and find people who want to build a business just like you. As you find and train business partners you leverage your time and energy. That is how you build long-term wealth with a Network business. 


·         Residual income is the key to everyone's success.  Once you have learned the secrets to leverage other people's time and energy, residual income will come your way. Services oriented Network business opportunity is more likely to have lasting residual income. Service oriented customers tend to stay with the company for a longer time, thus giving you a long lasting residual income opportunity and a great way to make money at home.


·         To make money at home and achieve your goals you must take action every single day.  You must do the things that will grow your business and build the long-term residual income you desire. 




Because deregulation is something relatively new, getting into the business now can result in creating a well-established referral system for consultants. Unlike other referral-based marketing systems this marketing opportunity is different because it involves selling an essential product. So, if you want to own your own business and have limitless amount of money you can earn by simply referring people to a service they actually need.



About Ampegy-Ampegy, a Network Marketing Company is leveraging the power of deregulation of America’s Energy Industry through Spark Energy. The deregulated residential energy market is a $60 billion industry and growing. As more and more markets become available, the opportunity exists for Independent Representatives to build their own lucrative business in the direct selling market. Ampegy currently offers service through Spark Energy in seven states. To learn more please visit www.Ampegy.com

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